About Us

One Big Song Group

We are an eclectic jazz ensemble that has been in existence most actively for the past seven years,
(2009-16) performing and recording locally in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA.
(formerly known as: "New and Used", & "PEEK")

The group is spearheaded by Ernie Tollar(winds, keyboards, composition) and Paul Fitterer(drums, composition)
who both met in the mid 1980s to form the innovative world jazz group Space Trio.
(with John Gzowski toured Canada extensively, pre-internet, with four indipendant-jazz releases)

The current group is a continuation of our shared historical aesthetic, and spirit of co-creation.

Featuring stablemates Wes Neal on bass, and Mario Potestio on guitar.

Our interests, and influences (World, Euro-ECM jazz, Middle-Eastern, Ambient, Be-Bop, South Asian) are clearly showcased in original compositions.

The "One Big Song" name represents our performance aesthetic & preference to perform our music as one continuous story weaving preconceived melodic and improvisational elements seamlessly.
We are also researching, and workshopping 
to include multi-media visual inter actives in our performances.

We are forward thinking, creative artists with extensive experience, and enjoy working in many settings.

In December 2012, we completed our first, full length self titled CD. (released February 2013)

We are currently looking outward through all mediums to promote, perform, and tour our music.

Regards to all!

Ernie Tollar
Paul Fitterer
Wes Neal
Mario Potestio

Special thanks go to:

Jono Grant, Cynthia French, Jeremy Darby, IndiePool, Bruce Coxon, Alani Caruso-Fitterer, Jenny Carr, Tom Tytel and the Rex Hotel, Barry Livingston, Gary Diggins, Geordie Haley, Eric Soostar, Darius Nargolwalla, Kim Ratcliffe, Dave Trevis, Geoff Young, Brian Katz, Ian Froman, Stich Wynston, Claude Ranger, James Young, Maryam Tollar, George McFetridge, Ted Moses, Mike Clark, Trichy Sankaran, Ken Stowar, and CIUT-FM, Jaymz Bee of JazzFM.91.1, CBC Radio, SOCAN, AVLA, Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and so many more...:)